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Written by NEUVOTA   
Friday, 25 March 2011 20:14





Ghana’s Ambassador to the Czech Republic, Victor Emmanuel Smith says Ghana is a credible investment

destination and thus urged the Czech business community to invest in the country.

“Recent developments bare clear testimony to this fact. Indeed, the substantial amount

of resources and support that Ghana and Japan have placed at the disposal of Ghana in response to our

President’s recent visit to the Far East is one such testimony,” he said.

The Ambassador made these remarks during the celebration of the 54th Anniversary of Ghana’s

Independence at the Hotel Praha, in the Czech Republic. The event was organised by the Ghana Embassy.

Present at the celebration were high ranking officials of the Czech government, Ambassadors of other

countries in the Czech Republic and members of the diplomatic corps.

Ambassador Smith said over the last 18 years, Ghanaians have managed to sustain a relatively orderly

democratic process which has greatly improved the country’s democratic credentials in the eyes of the

international community.

“It is not by chance that the last three Presidents of the United States of America

made important Policy Statements on Africa from Ghana,” he stressed.

The Ambassador said this recognition, coupled with recent socio-economic successes

the government has chalked have in fact, positioned Ghana as a credible investment

 destination and indeed a reliable gateway to Africa.

Touching on Ghana-Czech relations, Ambassador Victor Smith said Ghana’s relations

with the Czech Republic dates back over 50 years when Ghana’s First President,

Dr Kwame Nkrumah exchanged visits with then Czechoslovakia President Antonin Novotny

which resulted in the establishment of diplomatic Missions in our respective countries.

He said the visit to the Czech Republic last year by Ghana’s Vice President, John Mahama

further boosted the relationship between the two countries as it enabled Ghana to make certain

representations at the highest level to both the President and Prime Minister of the Czech Republic.

On the economic front, the Ambassador said Ghana’s discovery of oil in commercial quantities

and the subsequent pumping of oil from the jubilee offshore field in December last year is an

area where Czech expertise could be harnessed for the mutual benefit of the two countries.

He therefore asked the Czech business community to seriously consider Ghana as

a viable investment destination.







In recent news around the world, development is focusing on Africa whereby Ghana is the

most peaceful and democratic country in Africa as well as hospitality. Ghana which has rich history

and business center in Africa is also leading in the most quality of it´s natural resouces supplied to

the world standard, for instance,

                                          AGRICULTURAL & BUSINESS PROJECTS HUB


1. The best Cocoa in the world is from Ghana, although Ivory Coast is leading in the quantity suply,

but Ghana Cocoa is scarced all the time because of it high quality. In short, the natural

 agricultural soil and land in Ghana has natural high fertility. Not only Cocoa, but all the other

agricultural foodstuffs are on the same scale than any other country in the world.

* We Ghana-Africa Multicultural Peace Keepers In Knowledge(Afromulticulture) are hereby to

 support any cocoa manufacturing companies who need to use Ghana cocoa as their perminent

or try product for their manufacturing. Our strenght has reached the traditional king & Chiefs, 

and the authorities for foreign cocoa projects in Ghana, lands are reserved in

cocoa areas(Ashanti region, Western and Brong Ahafo region).

This is 5years and above project in Ghana for the interest cocoa companies in Finland and around.

Before the 5yrs., we can help companies to buy agreed quantity from the cocoa board until

the harvest of their products. We can do more than you dream to help you to extend

 your products and it quality in your business.


Another longterm plantation option to Cocoa are: Shea Butter & Sheanuts Planatation,

palm tree plantation (palm can produce many foodstuffs, oil and craft items, China,

Japan and manymore has this contract also in Ghana).


Kperisi (UW), March 19, GNA - The Sunbawiera Sheanuts Producers Association

at Kperisi in the Wa Municipality has urged the government to help introduce sheabutter

producers to foreign markets to gain better prices for their produce.

The Association said they were currently at the mercy of middle men and women who offered

them prices that did not match their risks such as snakebites and other hardships that

were associated with the production of Sheanuts and shea butter.

Alhaji Imoro Ayittey, Chairman of the Association, who made the appeal at meeting of the

Association at the weekend observed that the price of Sheanuts and

the butter had not changed since 2008.

He said while the price of sheabutter was being sold in the United States of America (USA)

at 88,000 US dollars per ton, in Ghana a Kilogramme was being purchased at GHC4.00..

The government must as a matter of urgency set up the Sheanut Development Authority to regulate

the industry like that of cocoa for Sheanut producers to also enjoy from the fruits of their sweat.

The association announced that the association had established a 100-acre Sheanut plantation

which would be inter cropped with maize during the next farming season to raise

additional income to finance activities of the association.

He also appealed to the Ghana Cocoa Board which has responsibility for Sheanut

to provide the association with tarpaulins, Wellington boots, gloves, solar dryers and lamps

to aid them in their work. (QUOTED FROM GHANAWEB)







There is a chance for interestered companies and investors to emback on

fruits plantation in Ghanaian fertile soil for juice manufacturing or proccesses

and direct comsumption purchases, depending on the needs.

                                             INTERESTING FOOD MEDICATION 


There are projects on tropical vegetables curing and preventing many sickness and deseases.

Others are fruits type given taste for any meal (usually diabetic patients).

Some of these agriculture items are also helping men to increase their spermatoe content.

Organic items and spicies are another section of the project. 

Our invitation on these goes specifically to companies, investors, institutions and

Governmental Authorities to research more with Afromulticulture on these projects

for increasing demand of healthy foodstuffs and iterms of the people.

Not basing on our researches or from quoted alone, Researches in Finland together with

the concern investors or companies are highly required.

Afromulticultures main benefit which is also the development plan of Ghana Government

and Traditional rulers are to inprove on the project YOUTH IN AGRICULTURE:

That is integrating the youth to study and make more researches on agricultural items,

whilst it is creating a big chance for unemployed youth.

To focus on the youth employment in the rural areas to cut down urban migration,

child traffic, poverty and crimes. Mass exports in Agriculture increase the countries exports balances.




We link direct to the Traditinal Rulers, Authorities, Ministries and the Government. 

We work together all the time with the concern partners, companies, investors and institutions.


Our Sevices to Finnish Schools & Daycares, Communities and groups or our interesting events 

are not the only interesting part afromulticulture can offer, but we are also your secure business links &

directives to Africa & Ghana. Through us your business is secure to be establish in Ghana. 

Come with your ideas, we will work on it together to make it successful in Africa-Ghana. 

Interested Companies should consult our links for details:

Stephen Osei: +358-(0) 453 112232 (Chairman, English Speaking), or Anni-Kaisa Ntiamoah, email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  (Coodinator, Finnish Speaking).

2.        BUSINESS ASSISTATNCES HUB (To and From Africa & Ghana)


Gold business in Ghana has lasted over 500years which has been the leading principal export of Ghana.

The name GoldCoast was changed to Ghana in 6th,march 1957 independence from the British,

but before that, Ghana was called GOLDCOAST.

Gold businessmen and companies can contact us for their business to avoid any fraud and corruptions.

Afromulticulture organisation was established to create friendships, unity and justice

between Ghana and Finland in everything, spreading to neighbouring Europe and Africa countries.

                                           OIL, GAS & PETROLEUOM

It is possible for all international companies and foreign investors to trade in Ghana,

but how can you reach your destination in business?

Afromulticulture does not trade in the Ghanaian Oil sections, but rather we link you to the right

Authorities in the government systems according to the laws of the Nation and

collaborate as supporters in businesses. Our excurtives are presented in the

agreement contract between parties to see through that peace in business prevail.

Business parties incomes & expenditures are not our concern but we help to

cut down expenditures and block any frauds.

Oil in Ghana quality as Norwagen oil is newly pumping into the world market in mass quantity,

therefore our service is the best and only way to have chance in secure business to Ghana and Africa.

Business News of Friday, 13 May 2011

Source: Bloomberg

Ghana Exports Climb 62% in First Quarter as Oil Shipments.

May 13 (Bloomberg) -- Ghana's total exports increased 62 percent to $3 billion in the first quarter of 2011,

boosted by shipments of oil from its nascent energy industry, Bank of Ghana Governor said.

Oil exports were worth $484.2 million, he told reporters in Accra, the capital, today.

Ghana, the world's biggest cocoa grower, started production of oil for export late last year.

Daily output from the Jubilee oil field currently stands at 70,000 barrels, according to Tullow Oil Plc.

Earnings from cocoa in the first three months rose 26 percent to $859.4 million,

while gold shipments reached $1.2 billion in the three months to March, from $787 million

, Amissah-Arthur said. Ghana is Africa's second biggest gold producer, after South Africa.

Higher exports helped cut the West African nation's current account deficit to $220.2 million

in the first quarter, compared with $565.8 million a year earlier, he said.

Many businessmen and companies have failed to trade to Africa because of Trustworthy,

but now our organisation is the answer to all inconveniences in your business to and from Ghana-Africa.

We will guide and direct you for your business trips, business operations, private Tours

and any assistance you may need to colaborate with Ghana and Africa. Our head is Finland,

but our links reach more than Ghana.


Education & Cultural exchanges between Ghana & Finland is one of the most

attracted section of organisation.

People are willing to travell to Africa, but their worries are where and who to contact.


has arranged for self housing project, whereby tourist can contact us earlier to arrange for

cheap homes instead of hotels. Many Ghanaians and Africans working abroad has homes

they visit one´s in a year or one´s in 5years. We have links and arranged for short term

visit from 2weeks to 5yrs rental project. Tourists has then the chance to live in comfortable homes

like native Countries depending upon how much he/she will like to spend.

Prices affect space, quality of surrounding and the area.

Moreover there is the opportunity to seek guidiance from us, that is to say we have exercutives

in Ghana who can guide you through phone or personal where to go depending upon your request.

In the education project, Tourist who are willing to give perfect of their knowlegde to the

various villages are also welcome. We have the arrangement for charity teachers or students

 to give what they have voluntarily to the poor children, by contacting us to show what you have.






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